AMLI - Athens Medical Leadership and Innovation Conference

Friday MC2


11.30-17.00 Multidisciplinary Subjects – Modern Approach (emergency
medicine, internal medicine, diabetes, obesity, infections)

11.30-12.30 Round Table A
Hospital Internal Medicine: From Critical to Chronic

Moderators: H. Pittaros – G. Naoum

«CIRS» (Critical Incident Reporting System)
E. Vatali

International patients: Challenges and everyday life
Th. Sahinidis

Patient Blood Management (PBM), the emerging part of Pathology
P. Doukas

Functional medicine and cancer
G. Tyrogiannis


12:30 -13:15 Round Table B
Innovation in the Τreatment of Type I Diabetes

Moderators: G. Koustas – P. Katopodis

Glucose self-testing and continuous recording systems
G. Argyrakopoulou

Diabetic foot – Modern treatment
G. Koustas

Newest therapeutic interventions in the treatment of diabetes type 1
and 2
Ν. Kantzos


13.15-13.30 Coffee Break

13:30-14:15 Round Table C
Innovation in the Τreatment of Type II Diabetes

Moderators: S. Adamidis – N. Kantzos

The role of the based on a smartphone artificial intelligence in the self
and remote management of the disease
I. Doupis

Clinical research in diabetes mellitus: Innovation field
G. Karousos

Diabetic foot, on the occasion of 5 cases of diabetic foot
A. Gougoulakis


14.15-15.00 Round Table D
Treatment of Obesity – Latest Advances

Moderators: S. Adamidis – G. Spiliopoulos

The latest drugs for the loss of weight
S. Adamidis

Non-surgical treatment of obesity
P. Katopodis

Go beyond the therapeutic status quo of obesity and type II diabetes
G. Spiliopoulos


15.00-15.15 Coffee Break

15.15-17.00 Round Table E
Hospital-Acquired Infections: Treatment and Management

Moderators: A. Stoupi – P. Gargalianos – P. Nikolaidis

P. Gargalianos

Consumption of antibiotics under restriction
A. Papanikolopoulou

Microbial resistance towards antibiotics
A. Pangali

Control of the dispersion of multidrug-resistant bacteria
D. Kalimeri

New and future antibiotics for hospital-acquired infections
A. Stoupi

P. Nikolaidis


17.00-17.15 Coffee Break

17.15-19.15 Innovation in Cardiology
Moderators: Ch. Stephanadis – D. Tousoulis – P. Altsitzoglou

Round Table A
Latest Advances in Cardiovascular Imaging

Vascular age: Our age is the one of our arteries
P. Pietri

Multimodality imaging for structural and valve interventions:
State of the art
S. Lerakis

Stress echo in coronary artery disease and perioperative risk
S. Karagiannis


18.00-19.15 Round Table A
Latest Invasive Techniques in Cardiology

Advanced invasive electrophysiological practices: A modern view
D. Tsiachris

Percutaneous coronary reperfusion in elderly patients
Ch. Arambatzis

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement – Latest data
G. Papaioannou

Durability of transcatheter valves. Our experience
E. Ioannidis

Percutaneous coronary angioplasty in patients with heart failure
Th. Papadopoulos

Angioplasty in chronic total occlusions. Benefits in patient survival
and the quality of life
A. Nikitopoulos