AMLI - Athens Medical Leadership and Innovation Conference

Sunday MC3

Issues (I)

Moderators: K. Priftis – K. Douros

Acute airway obstruction: Pathophysiology and treatment
A. Chatzis

Probing of chronic productive cough
G. Koltsida

Urticaria and anaphylaxis in the paediatrician ́s office
S. Giavi


10.50-12.30 4th SESSION

Round Table
Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

Moderator: E. Roma

Introduction to functional gastrointestinal disorders in children: Classification, frequency and risk factors
G. Chouliaras

Functional disorders that manifest with nausea and vomiting
E. Karanika

Functional disorders that manifest with abdominal pain as the main symptom
S. Fessatou

Functional disorders in infants: colics, postprandial vomiting, dyschesia
M. Rogalidou


12.30-12.50 Coffee Break

12.50-14.00 5th SESSION
Common Heart Problems

Moderator: D. Georgakopoulos

Arrhythmias in childhood and their treatment
A. Kontogeorgis

Paediatric Cardiology and prevention: From prenatal testing to pre-athletic tests
S. Koulouri

Guidelines for the measurement and evaluation of arterial blood pressure
E. Bei


14.00-15.00 Coffee Break

15.00-17.10 6th SESSION

Specialized Paediatric Issues of Practical Interest (I)

Moderators: D. Zarganis – A. Zacharodimos

When body defense mechanisms are deemed inefficient and how does the paediatrician proceeds diagnostically
M. Tzanoudaki

Protocol of imaging control in infants with urinary tract infection
F. Komianou

Latent hyperenzymemias and their clinical importance
I. Kanavaki

Presymptomatic screening for diabetes
D. Papadimitriou

Colonization of S. Aureus and relapsing skin infections
A. Alexopoulos


17.00-17.30 Coffee Break

17.30-19.40 7th SESSION
Specialized Paediatric Issues of Practical Interest (II)

Moderators: F. Sarifi – A. Fretzagias

Acute and chronic lymphadenopathy
F. Tzifi

Vulvovaginitis in childhood and adolescence
A. Delivelioti

Daily needs, exaggerations and danger from the administration of vitamins and trace elements
G. Papageorgiou

Nutritional principles for the treatment of obesity
I. Chryssou

Learning disabilities in childhood, warning signs
A. Sofianou

When is the referral to a speech therapist is deemed necessary?
E. Koudoumnaki

19.30-19.40 Discussion – End of the Conference