AMLI - Athens Medical Leadership and Innovation Conference

Healthcare without Borders: Global Mega-trends Driving Patient Mobility

      Covered Sectors

    Healthcare Digital Transformation: Data sharing 10 years ahead
    EU at crossroads: Cross Border provision of Health services
    The Future of Hospital Management
    Personalized Medicine: Taking Guidelines one step forward
    From General Hospital to Specialty Hospital: The role of Centers of Excellence
    Longevity: From Curative, to Preventive and then Promotive

Saturday 24 November 2018

Healthcare without Borders: Global Mega-Trends Driving
Patient Mobility

Moderators: R. Stephano – E. Papazachou
14.30-15.15 a. Healthcare Digital Transformation

Estonian digital healthcare: Roadmap and implications.
Ideas for the future
T. Einaste

Application of BlockChain technologies in the healthcare sector
S. Ioannidis

Digital innovation and healthcare transformation
M. Spanos


15.15-16.15 b. Personalized Medicine: Taking Guidelines One Step Forward

Transforming healthcare by Biomedical Big Data and AI
M. Wang

Small things make the big picture
D. Fotiadis

New concepts for clinical trial designs in personalized oncology
L. Pilz

Role of patient navigation in patient treatment and overall experience
C. Doubali


16.15-17.15 c. Longevity: From Curative, to Preventive
and then Promotive

Longevity: Younger for more years
I. Toundas

Stress management as a major factor of longevity
G. Chroussos

Cancer: Who are you? How do you live? Where do you live?
J. Spiliotis

Ikaria, the island where people forget to die
C. Stephanadis


17.15-18.15 d. Patient Advocacy: Having the Patient at the Center
of Attention

The evidence-base for patient and family engagement
in healthcare
S. Frampton

Living with multiple sclerosis – Patient activism
V. Maraka

Putting an end in hospital infections – Walk the talk
A. Plevris

Living example of a solidarity model
M. Giantsoudi


18.15-19.30 e. The Future of Hospital Management

The implementation of the EU directive on cross-border healthcare
and the position of European private hospitals
I. Giannico

Engagement through evidence – Collaborative working & patient
pathway analytics to develop and sustain new models of care
B. McConnochie

Aging population and its impact on medical tourism
J. Verma

The future of healthcare
V. Apostolopoulos