AMLI - Athens Medical Leadership and Innovation Conference

Sunday Skalkotas


08.30-09.00 Arrival – Registration

09.00-10.15 Innovation in the Treatment of the Oncological and
Functional Diseases of the Esophagus

Moderators: P. Giannopoulos – S. Ladas

Hybrid Laparoscopic – Endoscopic surgery to exclude tumors of the upper digestive tract
D. Ntourakis

Surgical oncology on the esophagus
P. Giannopoulos

Latest advancements in oncological surgery of the upper digestive tract
M. Zacharakis

Robotic repair of diaphragmatic hernia, gastroesophageal reflux disease and esophageal achalasia. Our experience in 500 cases.
K. Konstantinidis


10.15-13.45 Colorectal cancer – Latest Data
Moderators: G. Basdanis – F. Laoudi – Ch. Emmanouilidis

10.15-11.45 Round Table A
Latest Advances in Treating Colorectal Conditions

Risk of colon cancer in idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease
N. Koumentakis

Digital surgery for gastrointestinal malignancies
K. Stratoulias

Personalized treatment for patients with colorectal cancer
D. Karachalios

Immunotherapy and Cancer – The future is in progress
M. Karamouzis

Endoscopic surgery in anorectal diseases and the coccyx
O. Michail


11.45-12.30 Round Table B
State of the Art Treatment of Colorectal Cancer –
Multidisciplinary Approach

Robotic surgery of digestive cancer. Knowledge, experience and technology lead to the optimal result
K. Konstantinidis

Modern radiation therapy in the treatment of rectal and anal cancer – The role of the multidisciplinary team in Athens Medical Group
L. Vini

Latest advancements in chemotherapy for colorectal cancer
D. Tzanninis


12.30-12.45 Coffee Break

12.45 -13.45  Round Table C
Latest Techniques in Digestive Oncology

Moderators: D. Chatzopoulos – J. Spiliotis

HIPEC – Latest advancements
J. Spiliotis

Personalized multifactorial strategy for rectal cancer
I. Kanellos

Anal cancer – Treatment
A. Pappas

Treatment of chronic pain and palliative care
A. Vadalouka


13.45-15.15 Latest Advancements in General Surgery
Moderators: I. Kanellos – A. Xiarchos

Robotic surgery – Our experience
S. Hirides

Robotic surgery – The modern treatment of colorectal cancer
Ch. Konstantinidis

Modern obesity surgery
I. Sdralis

Rear separation of the abdominal wall with cross section of the transverse abdominal muscle: a new technique for the repair of large / complex ventral hernias
G. Chatzimavroudis

Advancements in anorectal surgery. The future is here
A. Xiarchos


15.15-15.45 Coffee Break

15.45-17.30 Latest Advancements in the Treatment of Liver Cancer

Moderators: E. Akriviadis – E. Papalampros

15.45-16.45  Round Table A
Multidisciplinary Approach on Liver Cancer

Hepatocellular cancer – The epidemic is here
D. Karagiannis

Malignant liver disease
Th. Alexiou

Irreversible electropolation for liver, bile duct, pancreatic cancer
Ε. Felekouras

Clinical studies in oncology
S. Baka


16.45-17.30 Round Table B
Latest Techniques in the Treatment of Liver Cancer

Modern multifactorial approach on liver metastases from colorectal cancer – Surgical approach
A. Ntinas

Surgical management of benign and malignant liver tumors
E. Perrakis

Intra-arterial therapies in the treatment of inoperable liver metastases from colorectal cancer
I. Dedes


17.30-17.45 Coffee Break

17.45-19.00 Latest Advancements in the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

Moderators: A. Drevelegkas – E. Akriviadis – K. Konstantinidis

Dilemmas and challenges in the surgical treatment of malignant pancreatic neoplasms
E. Chatzitheoklitos

Pancreatic cancer – The gastroenterologist’s perspective
F. Laoudi

The contribution of axial and magnetic tomography to pancreatic cancer
E. Papadopoulou

ERCP: Rare cases
S. Pantelaros

Cancer and prevention in 2018
A. Polyzos


19.00-19.30 Closing Remarks