AMLI - Athens Medical Leadership and Innovation Conference

Friday MC3

10.00-13.30 Advances in Gynaecology – Obstetrics
Moderators: E. Salamalekis – G. Pandos

10.00-11.00 Round Table A
Surgical Oncology

Prevention of Gynaecological Cancer – Latest views
L. Giannikos

Laparoscopic surgery in incipient endometrial cancer: Necessity or exaggeration?
G. Pandos

Cervical cancer
Th. Tsoumbis


11.00-12.00 Round Table B

In vitro fertilization with pre-implantation genetic testing
F. Goutzioulis

In vitro fertilization – freezing of ova. A window of optimism for women
Ch. Papanikopoulos

Regenerative medicine for treatment of premature ovarian aging
K. Sfakianoudis


12.00-13.30 Round Table C
Latest Advances in Obstetrics – Gynaecology

Moderators: L. Giannikos – K. Sfakianoudis

Cell-free fetal DNA / NIPT (non-invasive prenatal test) in prenatal screening – Latest advances
E. Anastasakis

Natural childbirth after a caesarean section
Th. Liakakos

Risk management in Obstetrics – Gynaecology
D. Tsesmelakis

Contraception – New data
V. Tsironis

Challenges and prospects in the prevention of HPV-related diseases after the release and circulation of the 9-valent vaccine
P. Thomopoulos


13.30-14.00 Coffee Break

14.00-15.45 Innovation in Neurology
Moderators: I. Milonas – K. Karageorgiou

Round Table A
The Multiple Sclerosis Center of the European Interbalkan
Medical Center

New Multiple Sclerosis Center at the European Interbalkan Medical Center
I. Milonas

New advances in the treatment of multiple sclerosis
G. Balamoutsos

What does the Multiple Sclerosis Center offer in the treatment of the disease
K. Papadopoulos


Round Table B
Modern Neurology

Latest achievements in Neurology
K. Karageorgiou

Multiple Sclerosis: Modern all encompassing treatment approach
D. Papadopoulos

Multiple sclerosis in children
Ε. Koutlas

Invasive treatments for Parkinson’s disease
B. Sakkou


15.45-16.15 Emergency Treatment of Brain Diseases

Moderators: G. Orfanidis – G. Pavlidis

Surgical treatment of aneurysms (ruptured and unruptured)
E. Antoniou – K. Davanelos

Treatment of acute ischaemic stroke – Mechanical Thrombectomy
M. Karygiannis


16.30-16.45 Greetings
Nursing Issues (I)

Round Table
The Young Patient and its Parents

Moderators: I. Michou – E. Giavassopoulos

The process of venipuncture in the presence of parents
S. Karakousi

Preparing the child and its parents for the administration of anesthesia
N. Kouroupaki

The “up to date” nurse and the parent that “googles”
A. Karagiannis

18.00-18.10 Discussion

18.10-18.30 Coffee Break


Invited speaker: M. Kalogerakis
“Emotional Intelligence”

Moderators: M. Markopoulos – K. Goulopoulou

19:00-20:30 3rd SESSION

Moderator: A. Chatzis

Educating the nurse of the future
G. Kalofyssoudis

Moderators: A. Fretzagias – E. Papadopoulou

A comment on the ideals and reality that the new nurse is experiencing
K. Goulopoulou

Moderators: Th. Karpathios – K. Goulopoulou

The role of the nurse through the perspective of the clinical
A. Stasinopoulou