AMLI - Athens Medical Leadership and Innovation Conference

Friday Skalkotas

11.30 – 12.30 Innovation in Cardiac Surgery
Moderators: M. Kantartzis – M. Panagiotou

State-of-the-Art beating heart surgery in the coronary arteries
V. Kotsis

Ischaemic cardiomyopathy and surgical reconstruction of the left
ventricle after the Stich trial
M. Panagiotou

New advances in the aortic valve surgery
G. Gritsopoulos

Beating heart coronary endarterectomy in the anterior descending
artery, with the use of skeletonized internal thoracic artery as patch,
in situ
A. Bakas


12.30 – 13.00 Coffee break

13.00-15.00 Innovation in Vascular Surgery
Presidium: H. Liapis – K. Papazoglou

13.00-13.45 Round Table A
State Of the Art: Vascular Surgery

Innovation in vascular surgery: Αn overview
H. Liapis

Innovations in aneurysmal disease
H. Eckstein

Innovations in cerebrovascular and peripheral arterial disease
P. Cao


13.45 – 15.15 Round Table B
New Techniques in Vascular Surgery

Infection of intraluminal grafts – Challenge and nightmare
E. Kanellopoulos

Extremity vascular trauma
A. Papapetrou

Treatment of thoracoabdominal aneurysms
K. Karkaletsis

New developments in the abdominal aorta treatment
K. Konstantinidis

Minimally invasive bloodless techniques of treament of the varicose
veins of the lower extremities
K. Lambretsas


15.15-15.30 Coffee Break


Greeting: V. Apostolopoulos

15.30-16.45 Round Table A
State of The Art – Cardiology and Vascular Surgery –
Minimally Invasive Techniques

Moderators: Ch. Stephanadis – H. Liapis

Modern treatment of arrhythmias with ablation. Indications and
L. Mantziari

The future of electrophysiology: Non invasive cardiac radiation
for ablation of cardiac arrhythmias
Th. Kordalis

Repatriation of excellence in the modern Greek reality: Goals, challenges and prospects
A. Antoniadis

Integrated treatment of patients with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction
D. Konstantinou

Current techniques for complex total endovascular aneurysm repair
Th. Bisdas


16.45-17.00 Coffee Break

17.00-17.45 Round Table B
General Surgery – Latest Advances

Moderators: K. Konstandinidis – E. Papalambros

Colorectal laparoscopic surgery at the European Interbalkan Medical Center. International center of excellence and training
M.G. Pramateftakis

Treatment of the borderline resectable pancreatic cancer
D. Giakoustidis

New techniques and materials for the treatment of diseases of the rectum and the perianal region
M. Grigoriou

Surgical treatment of secondary lymphedema with lymph node transfer
D. Dionysiou


17.45-18.30  Round Table C
Colorectal and Liver Cancer – Latest Advances in the
Diagnosis and Treatment

Moderators: D. Janinis – I. Spiliotis

CT colonography – Indications and contraindications
K. Drevelegas

Metastatic liver cancer from the colon
K. Botsolis

Non alcoholic fatty liver disease – The epidemic of the 21 st century
E. Sinakos


18.30-19.15 Round Table D
Minimally Invasive Thoracic and Heart Surgery

Moderators: M. Panagiotou – D. Filippou

Minimally invasive thoracic surgery, maximum benefits
L. Toufektzian

Single-Incision thoracoscopic surgery
L. Papastavrou

Uniportal VATS – Our experience
M. Klimatsidas

Latest advances in the surgery of coronary arteries
A. Roubelakis


19.15-20.15 Round Table E
Arthroscopy – Latest Advances

Moderators: P. Nikolaou – D. Misitzis

Modern advances in shoulder arthroscopy
H. Sinopidis

“A la carte” plastic surgery in the anterior cruciate ligament. Present and future
H. Voulgaropoulos – K. Dimitrakas

Indications and limits of the hip arthroscopy
A. Papavassiliou

Musculoskeletal ultrasound. Is it more than just a solution for claustrophobic patients
D. Papoutsi